Thanks, but No Thanks: 68% of Hiring Managers Say Ungrateful Job Seekers Are Jeopardizing Their Own Candidacy

New TopResume Survey: Thank-You Notes Impact Interviewers’ Decisions

NEW YORK (November 14, 2017) With the holiday season on the horizon and Thanksgiving right around the corner, Americans traditionally express their gratitude to one another for the blessings received throughout the year. However, according to new research conducted by TopResume, the largest resume-writing service in the world, job seekers who do not extend their appreciation after an interview are jeopardizing their own candidacy. Between November 1 and November 13, TopResume asked 358 recruiters and hiring managers, “After interviewing a candidate, does receiving a thank-you email/note impact your decision-making process?” and a large majority (68%) confirmed it indeed, matters. In fact, it could lead to a job candidate’s dismissal from the decision-making process.

“The job interview doesn’t end when you walk out the door, but rather affords job seekers a unique opportunity to build a meaningful relationship with the interviewer, and help keep their candidacy top-of-mind,” said Amanda Augustine, career advice expert for TopResume. “Our recent Thanksgiving survey reveals that sending a well-crafted email within 24 hours of a successful job interview could be the tipping point that catapults you to the top — or the bottom — of the finalist pool. In the job search, timing is everything.”

Below are results from TopResume’s recent Thanksgiving survey of interviewers:

  • When asked, "After interviewing a candidate, does receiving a thank-you email/note impact your decision-making process?", a large majority (68%) of those who have conducted interviews responded, "Yes, it matters."

  • Nearly one in five interviewers (16%) have completely dismissed a candidate because they didn’t receive a thank-you email or note after an interview.

  • Nearly one-third of all professionals surveyed (31%) do not send a thank-you email or note after every interview.

  • 7% of job seekers never send thank-you notes after an interview.

To learn how to ace that next interview — including how and when to send a post-interview thank you that’s sure to move your candidacy forward — join TopResume for their hour-long #OfficeHours Facebook Live Chat on November 16, 2017, at 1pm EST. On an ongoing basis, TopResume’s data science team compiles nationwide data from their customers to better understand current behavioral trends in the job market. Visit TopResume’s blog to find out what their next area of research will be.

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